Rules & Regulations
What is the advantage of pre ordering tickets?

What happens if I lose my wrist band?

Can I get tattooed at the Expo?

How old and what documentation do I need to be tattooed?

How much does a tattoo cost?

Does the contest to enter the Indy Tattoo Expo go towards the cost of being tattooed at the show?

If I get tattooed at the show and want to enter a tattoo contest, do I still have to pay the entry fee?

What is the aftercare procedure if I get tattooed at Indy Tattoo Expo?

Can I bring outside food or drinks into Indy Tattoo Expo?

Our rooms available at the Embassy Suites for the Indy Tattoo Expo at a discounted rate?

What events will be going on at Indy Tattoo Expo?
Will there be tattoo contest at Indy Tattoo Expo?